I saw a bo-bo rub his dingus and milk came out.
Hunks just don't listen. Sorry, Charlie.
How come hunks don't listen?!
What are your opinions on satan


so i got to ride on a broat this summer adn i liked it. i like broats alot. i didnt even throwup or nothin

i know

Me too.

What do you think about casino hunks?

Hunks don’t listen.

WHAT KIND OF CHIPS DO U GRAMBLE WITH? SOUR CREAM N ONION? FOR YOUR HEALTH! doctor RONGLE BRINGER. samfria dringus. this is the only blog i need, im unfollowing everyone else now thank you

For your Trumblr

I need advice on more exciting ice cubes

You didn’t listen the first time.
Hunks aren’t good listeners.

Sorry, Doug.


This Trumblr isn’t part of adultswim, ya Dingus! There’s no shirts here!

What causes diarrhea?

Too much stinky fish at the marinara.


my mother, my uncle

is that who made me?

am i just a rotten piece of fruit

from my family tree?

what will the future hold?

who knows?

all i know

is my family grows